We are offering volunteer opportunities for dedicated individuals who want to help os grow and develop the MediBee movement. Do you want to develop new skills, improve your job prospects and meet like-minded people from all over the world?

Check out the different role descriptions and apply directly via the links.

SupportBee & HiveBee:

These volunteers carry out essential functions in our growing social support app, MediBee Community. This is an international platform in constant development, and we expect thousands of members by the end of 2018.

SuppotBees and HiveBees moderate, inspire and ensure an overall good tone of voice and communication inthe community. In this role, you will be approving new members, and you will moderate posts and

comments. It is important to have an eye for whether or not members’ ways of communicating comply with our rules.

It is important that you regularly check in and collaborate with fellow volunteers in the volunteer group on


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This role is made up of volunteers who share personal experiences and perspectives through inspiring blog

posts. In this role, you should be aware that your blog posts will be read by a lot of people.

To fill this role, you must love producing written content and be able to convey a messages to the target

audience in a way that inspires them. We expect you to share personal experiences based on your own life; it may be that you have the courage to share difficult stories or unique moments that have had major impacts on your mental well-being.

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AwarenessBees are made up of volunteers who love to spread the word about our cause and to share content about our association. AwarenessBees are the absolute best at inspiring others while sharing our mission in a realistic and powerful way.

The tasks in this role involve contacting journalists, writing updates about our current activities, post about our campaigns campaigns etc.

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This role centers around communicating the association’s vision through videos in fun and creative ways.

You get the chance to host Q&A’s on behalf of the association, share personal moments (both good and bad), reflect on community development or something else! Together with the founders, you will decide what topics should be addressed, and how we can collaborate to create the future of our community.

You must go through an extended application process to become a TeamBee. Apply here.