The idea of creating a digital association for people who are dealing with mental health issues is based on Breakout, a support program for adults at Misbrugsportalen established in 2014. Over the course of this program, I have started to discover a profound mutual pattern – many of our clients feel depressed and detached from society, but when given the opportunity to connect with others who can relate to their situation and circumstances they brighten up. They experience the unique warmth that comes with being a member of a community. Oppositely, when our weekly sessions come to an end, all participants are back on their own, and once again, they feel overpowered by loneliness. Through support, counseling and preventive treatments, many of our clients at Misbrugsportalen have successfully recovered from their medicine addictions, but nevertheless, they have all experienced a lack of social support at one point or another during their recovery.

During the development of MediBee Community, me and the rest of the MediBee Team (we call ourselves SupportBees) have been part of and researched 30+ online support groups established by Americans, Australians and Europeans. The total number of mental health support groups on social media platforms is overwhelming, and individual groups are large in size, as they hold from 500 and up to 30.000 member. All evolve around sharing thoughts, experiences, ups and downs of having mental health issues, diagnosed conditions, medicine usage and the likes. This merely confirmed what I had already observed – there is a genuine need for easily accessible peer-to-peer support for individuals who struggle with mental health and consume medicine as a consequence of their situation.

With MediBee Community, we make it easier to speak about mental health, and the ways it can affect us all in our daily lives. With the MediBee Community app, we want to provide a stable stream of social support for anybody, anywhere and at any time.

Support our vision – downloading the app and joining our digital community today!