So this is something I know we all do struggle with sometimes. I’m guilty for having poor hygiene and you know what? I’m not afraid to admit it. Because sometimes keeping those little demons penned up can be exhausting. That amongst managing personal life and a working life? It’s tiring. But that’s why it’s also so important to remember we need self-care. Because when we take a step back and help our mind and body rest it helps ease the pressures of keeping on top of our health and our hygiene. 

Self care. What do I exactly mean by that? Well, as the name suggests it’s about taking care of ourselves. This can be regarding your diet, making sure you eat healthy meals that you enjoy but it’s also about indulging every once in a while. Having a take away, or cooking an ‘unhealthy’ meal that’s high calories but who cares because it’s your favourite! Now I’m sure the worry about that is if we eat unhealthy foods because we’re feeling bad or having an awful day or you’re just too tired to cook. I get it. I do that too often to the point it’s become a habit. But it’s about eating foods in moderation. If you can cook food that’s even remotely healthy when you’re having the worst day it means you can make yourself meals even if it’s just oven chips and a chicken breast, it’s still the effort you’ve put in to defeat temptations. Having that indulgent meal when you knowyou’ve earned it and the reason you’re having it because you have earned it? Best. Feeling. Ever. But self care isn’t all about diets. I think the most important aspect especially for us plagued by mental health is taking a breather. To take some time away for your mind and body to rest, whether it’s reading a book with a nice hot drink before bed each day or a couple times a week to having a holiday! It’s all so important. For example, I made a spontaneous decision with my partner that we’d drive down to Wales (from Birmingham) for the weekend…it was needed to say the least! I never felt so free. My most favourite place in the entire world helps me feel at peace with myself, with life, with people…with everything. And I got to share that with the love of my life. That was my self care. Thinking ‘why the hell not! I deserve it, my mind deserves a rest!’ That’s the best feeling and the best form of self care. Allowing yourself time to rest can have such a massive impact on both your health and your hygiene. They all play a part in helping keep you in tip top condition to keep fighting another day! 

We all know what hygiene is, obviously. But when you don’t keep on top of your hygiene that can massive impact your mental health. It’s almost as if vultures are waiting for a slither of self-doubt to prey on. But we all have to admit, when our mental health has been taking us on a wild goose chase nothing feels better than just having a shower or a bath, washing your hair, even shaving! It’s almost like a reset button or that you’re washing away the self-doubt. Sometimes it’s tiring or just feels like so much effort but keeping up on top of your hygiene is obviously important as it’s part of keeping on top of your health also. They both take care of each other. Health is obviously something a lot of us struggle with, sometimes more than the average person and god damn I envy them. My health is in quite a predicament at the moment so that’s also tiring me more than usual…but it’s ok. It’s ok to feel abnormally tired, exhausted, fed up and generally feeling rubbish! It’s ok to feel those things. But you have to make sure that when in situations of life, work, love or personal relations your health is more important. It’s ok to cancel with friends because you really aren’t well either mentally or physically! You need a day to recoup sometimes. It’s ok to call in sick to work when you need a breather. I work in the NHS and I know what they’re like for sick days etc…I’ve learnt a lot of discipline but at the end of the day I can’t help when my health is in dire need of a day to myself because surprisingly that helps me feel a lotbetter. Which is where self-care comes into play. Having a day to myself away from everyone is giving my mind a break, having a day at home to just vegetate on the settee is helping my body recoup also. Like I said it all plays a big part with one another which is why it’s so important for us to seriously take care of ourselves! But it’s also important to remember that…it’s ok when you let go of it a little…it’s ok if your hygiene gets a little poor because you can always have a shower. It’s ok to lack a little self-care because there’s always another day to take 5 minutes, half an hour or a day to do your hobby, to vegetate watching rubbish TV or what ever helps you relax and it’s ok if your health starts to get a little poor. It’s understandable but always remember you need to seek help from health professionals to make sure your health doesn’t get out of hand. Because I believe your health above all is most important. So if you see symptoms or see something with your body you’re concerned of, book an appointment with the GP, go to a walk in centre or call your surgery to speak to the doctor/nurse for advice. Maybe don’t look on the internet as they make a stubbed toe look like a broken bone! So make sure you always keep a check on your health and always seek health professionals help but if it’s a cold that’s getting you down just don’t forget to have a day of rest if it gets too much. 

So take care of yourself, lovelies. Because you are important to us all. So we want you to take some time for yourself every once in a while! See you in the next one and I hope you’re all doing well ❤️