How can you handle rejection? Difficult question. Rejection in any context is a
difficult thing to process. For example, if you have feelings for an individual you
prepare yourself to ask them on a date or to be your partner – you get nervous,
excited, scared…you feel so many emotions but what you also feel is hope! The fact
you have the guts to ask them means you feel there is potential because they’ve
given you the right signals. When you get rejected it crushes your hope, all those
emotions you felt for this person feels wasted, feels like it was a lost cause then you
go into the self doubt that you’ll never be able to find love because that little demon
on your shoulder is telling you you’re inadequate. But you know what? That’s ok. It’s
ok to feel defeated! It’s a natural reaction to rejection. Whether it’s asking someone
out, going for a job interview, going out with friends but they cancel! Whatever the
circumstances the process is always the same. But how to accept rejection is all
about the mindset you have.

As I’ve suffered with depression for nearly 6-7 years, I
get it. Having a positive mindset or even a mediocre outlook on rejection or anything
in life can be insanely difficult. Like climbing a mountain with nothing but a skipping
rope…it seems impossible. Trust me it’s taken me a long while to try to get any kind
of mindset that doesn’t lead me down that dark spiral. But I’m a strong believer in
‘everything happens for a reason’. The best way to try to accept rejection, is
strangely enough to be rejected! You build a resistance to it, kind of like your body’s
white blood cells build resistance to foreign bacteria in the body! It’s a natural
reaction. You will learn to accept rejection, because as long as you think to yourself
no matter how difficult ‘it happened for a reason. I will get another chance.’ You will
start to accept rejection as part of a bigger, better plan that the universe has for you.
I’m in no way religious but I believe our big, beautiful, enormous galaxy has
something that has an influence on our lives. It’s why I stare at the stars and find
comfort. Because I believe the ones I’ve lost are there to remind me that I’ll be ok.

However, it’s this exact reason why we can’t help everyone. The way we see the
world depends entirely on our mindset, but you’re reading this as part of a
community of people with mental illness. So having anything but a negative outlook
because of the demons that run havoc in your mind feels impossible sometimes. But
look at it like this, the sun will always rise and set. There will always be another day,
so there will always be another chance for you. Not everyone can be helped
because they haven’t got the right mindset yet! But we all know how to comfort one
another in a positive, helpful way. Sometimes a simple hello is enough. You can’t
help everyone, but most importantly you don’t need to go above and beyond to help
someone. A simple conversation and a quick message to check on someone does
plenty! But I think what’s truly important is if you want to help others, you got to make
sure you’re ok first. This is why when I feel my dark shadow creeping up on me I
take time away. This is why I’ve been kind of quiet on social media. So take care of
yourself because when you have a positive mindset, it becomes contagious so it
means others will also start to think and feel more positively.
Well this was my first blog and I hope it has helped you in anyway. Take care of
yourself lovelies and I’ll see you in the next one! – Katie ❤️