MediBee Community Support App is reaching out to all of United Kingdom for their support as backers and taking part in development of the first global Social Network App for all who struggles with Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders and other Mental Health Challenges, including Medicine Dependency.
It is time to do something about the rising challenge in the UK and inspire other nations, to join the technology based Community Support App – MediBee which can be lifechanging for thousand or millions of people in the future.
Check it out here and be part of the community by backing the project, which can be from 1 pound and to several other amounts giving rewards back to the supporter:

#BeeToo – if you know someone or have ever had anxiety, a depression, an eating disorder, insomnia or experienced any other mental health challenge.

#BeeToo – if you are struggling with medicine consumption, withdrawals or side-effects of any kind.

#BeeToo I am living with anxiety and nobody can see it.
#BeeToo a dear friend is depressed, but nobody knows it.
#BeeToo a family member is addicted to painkillers, but nobody notices.

You see, most of us try hard to make it invisible. It is about time for it to become visible.
This is the reason why MediBee exists; this is why we will continue to raise awareness.

Use #BeeToo if you want to help up break THE STIGMA surrounding mental health!