One of the hardest symptoms that comes with depression is motivation. Many suffer with a lack of it. Me? One of the joys of Borderline Personality Disorder is imbalance. Some days I am not motivated. Others, I have all the motivation, and I cannot sit still.

This is not the easiest symptom to deal with, because regardless of your levels of motivation, the world keeps on turning, and things have to get done. So how do you cope when you have a list of things to do and no motivation to do them? Here is a little guide that hopefully might help you. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Dealing with depression is difficult, and is a daily struggle. This battle with your mind is exhausting, and its okay to have days when you don’t win. So, don’t beat yourself up. Remember that tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully a better one. If you’ve been pushing yourself the last few days, listen to your body, and don’t feel bad for resting up. There is nothing wrong with staying in your pj’s and getting some quality Netflix time in. 

Make a List, and Prioritise 

Say you have a list of jobs around the house you’ve got to do. It can get overwhelming thinking of all the different tasks that need doing. Write it down. List all of the jobs you’ve got t do, and then number them in order of priority. Then, when you find the energy, get up and do one of the tasks. Cross them off as you go, and you will get a sense of accomplishment. Even if you only get one done, that’s still good enough, and its one less to do tomorrow. 

Make the most of Bursts of Energy

You may be sitting down, relaxing, and suddenly you feel unsettled and restless. This is a sign that you need a change of pace. So, get up, and get something done. Even if it’s something small, you’ve still done it, and still should be proud of yourself. That’s one more task crossed off that list.

Always Prepare

One of the hardest things I find is cooking meals. Towards the end of the day, I struggle with motivation to cook dinner. During the week I do a big food shop. When I have a little bit of motivation, I will cook my meals in bulk. I have loads of large plastic containers (1000ml) that I will then put the food in and freeze. Every day in the morning I take one out ready for the evening, and al I have to do is heat it up. This works for me and my partner.

These are just a few simple things that I do daily in order to get things done, and it works! My washing is always done, my place is tidy, and my meals are always cooked. I do still have my bad days, but they don’t last long. Make the most of when you are motivated, because it means there is less to do when you aren’t. Then, when the bad days roll round, it’s a lot easier. Remember; be kind, prioritise, and prepare. These simple tricks will help you get through.

Hang in there. You’re doing great, and things will get better.